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How to Heal IBS

Posted in: Conditions, Home

IBS affects millions of people yet not many are doing much about it to heal the issue!

You could help and heal IBS or at the least find out what works best for you. Educate yourself and live a healtheir gut life.

GMO Foods are Continuing to be On The Rise

Posted in: Nutrition, News Watch, Home

GMO or genetically modified organisms have been a huge problem in the past years. The major industries and organizations that are behind such a mess are Monsanto and similar type organizations. Are they being stopped? Or are they proceeding their ill agenda to the public by buying off the laws? How much do you feel you actually know about this issue that has created so much controversy and continues to do so?

Plastic, BPA and It's Health Concerns

Posted in: Conditions, Home

Are you still using plastic containers? Are you aware of the health hazards that plastic could have including BPA? Did you know that it could effect your child's health negatively from the time you are pregnant?

Find out details about all these questions--educate yourself so you can have a healthier life to live for yourself and your family.

Lichen Sclerosus

Posted in: Conditions, Home

Lichen Sclerosus is an autoimmune disease that has limited treatment options in traditional medicine. But there are underlying factors that need to be address to help the disease and it's symptoms, which is not being recognized by the traditional way of treatments.

Educate yourself in how you could help with such health issue to help the symptoms and potetially more--to heal your body.

Are Over the Counter Pain Medications Safe?

Posted in: Conditions, Home

Analgesics or pain medications found over the counter have been thought to be safe to utilize. Facts are different though--they can be very damaging to your oragans and wellbeing.

Here is a study and research done on 60,000 women for hearing loss and analgesics. Besides that there are other concerns that you need to be aware of.

Become knowldgeable and make better choices for yourself--there are other ways to handle your pain and aches. Learn how and be more healthy.

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